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The Documentation of the Martha Graham Technique

For the first time the Martha Graham Dance Company, in collaboration with Dance Spotlight, is digitally recording all of the Graham Technique and movement vocabulary. This passionate undertaking will provide students and teachers with an invaluable resource assuring the revolutionary technique and movements are not lost.

Under the direction of Miki Orihara, 25 years a Graham dancer, and Susan Kikuchi, former director of the Martha Graham Ensemble and the Martha Graham School, Graham’s Technique will be thoughtfully captured and analyzed so these visionary movements will be available for generations to come.

The documentation will capture and preserve the technique as Martha Graham created and taught it. Over 3 years, 3 interactive DVDs and digital files will be produced. In November 2012, the movement vocabulary for the first DVD was recorded at Kaatsbaan International Dance Center, New York, after the dancers spent a week there in rehearsal. This beginner level DVD will be followed by Intermediate and Advanced Technique level DVDs and digital files. This first DVD will be released in fall 2013.

MARTHA GRAHAM (1894-1991) changed the direction of dance in America. Graham worked tirelessly to invent a new language of dance, one that could reveal the passion, the rage and the ecstasy that is part of the human experience. This new language of dance was different from everything that preceded it, and left everything that came after it indelibly changed.

We need to create an accurate record of the original movement vocabulary before elements are lost or evolved beyond recognition as new generations add their interpretations. These DVDs will enable the technique and consequently the choreography to be preserved and performed. This project will provide greater knowledge of and access worldwide to this extraordinary legacy.

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